Don’t Act the 7 actions below after you have a meal

I often prefer to have a light walk after taking my meal, especially dinner. Recently I got to know that this is not a good idea. Walking after taking meal will burn the nutrition as well that you consume.

What to do and what not to do was the question because this is like a daily routine activity and to keep my body fit, I need to have a proper knowledge of the same.

Vajrasana (a sitting posture in YOGA) relaxes and harmonizes persona. This practice also promotes digestive function therefore it is suggested to sit in Vajrasana for about 5-10 moments after a food.

Practice: Come up onto the feet (knee stand). The feet are together. The big feet touch each other, the pumps point a little bit in an outward direction. Point the breasts ahead and then sit back between the pumps. The back area is erect. Place the arms on the hip and feet.


No Smoking after meal – Research from expert’s shows that using tobacco after meals is much like smoking 10 cigarettes .There is greater chance of cancer if you do so. However, cigarette smoking is known to intensify signs of Annoying Intestinal Problem as well as abdomen ulcer. Smoking also has a bad impact on muscle tissue of the digestive tract.


Don’t eat fruits instantly – Immediately eating fruits after meals will cause abdomen to be swollen with air. Therefore take fruit 1-2 hr after meals or 1hr before meals.


No drinking tea after meal – Because tea has a high-content of acid. This will cause the Protein material in the meals we consume to be solidified thus difficult to process.


Don’t release your belt buckle – Helping to release the buckle after meals will easily cause the bowel to be turned & obstructed.


Don’t take shower – The reason for asking not to take bath after food is that the blood in the stomach that helps digestion reaches the skin and remains there for a long time when we take bath. It means the digestion will not be sufficient or it is delayed. Bathing after meals will cause the increase of blood vessels circulation to the hands, legs & body thus the amount of blood vessels around the abdomen will therefore decrease. This will damage the intestinal tract in our abdomen.


Don’t walk – Walking right after consuming food is incorrect. Because the intestinal tract needs more blood vessels to help process the meals you ate. If you walk instantly, the blood vessels will go to other body parts, this is not good for digestive function and consumption, and some people may feel like nausea & heavy headed.

Before walking, you have to give at least 30 minutes to go on the night walk to let the intestinal tract process the meals and process the nourishment you consume. After this short relaxes, you can go for at least 20 moment light walk.


Don’t sleep instantly – The meals we consumption will not be able to process properly. Thus will lead to stomach & infection in our bowel.


Eat healthy and think healthy.

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Food for your health – Herbs and its uses

I recently met a dietitian who asked me to include some healthy stuff in my diet on a regular basis. Though no one diagnosed any medical problem but as per them if you want to stay fit and healthy, you need to include these things in your daily diet. I think taking 2 spoon of Amla juice in the morning doesn’t take too long time to give to your health. Rightly said “Health is Wealth”. These days with the growing economy, you don’t need to buy amla and get the juice but you get the juice available at the store. There are few things which as per my research I found should be included in the daily diet.

ALOEVERA: Aloevera plant is a non toxin, succulent plant that stores water in its leaves which makes it possible to survive long without water and in deserts as well. Aloe Vera has been proved to be the beauty secret for most of the movies stars. This plant is considered to be the best solution for most of the health benefit. Aloevera is used as an ointment, medicine and many more other purpose. Various products are available in the market like aloevera juice, aloevera gel etc.

Benefits of aloevera juice:

–          Amino acid present in aloevera plant helps one to replenish the body.

–          It helps in proper digestion and treat problems like stomach ache and heart burns.

–          Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E, Floic acid present in aleovera enhances body defense system.

–          It enhances and supports the immune system.

Benefits of Aloevera Gel:

–          Healthy hair is one of the biggest benefit from aloevera gel.It is generally used to treat dandruff problem.

–          Anti inflammatory properties present in aloevera helps treat acne problem and various skin disorders. Aloevera gel and various moisturizers are available to be applied to treat acne and skin problems.

–          Aleovera gel helps curing blisters, insect bites or any other allergic reactions.



AMLA: With winters comes the Indian gooseberry known as Amla. Though you may not like the taste but don’t rush towards your decision as this little fruit is a big source of Vitamin C.

Health benefits of Amla:

–          For people suffering from the deficiency of Vitamin C, Amla prove to be a solution.

–          Amla being high in fiber help those who are being troubled with constipation.

–          Amla contains antioxidants which helps prevent Cancer.

–          Anti inflammatory properties present in amla helps to get relief from joint pains.

–          Are you suffering from sleep disorder? Take 2 spoons of Amla juice before going to bed. 




ISABGOL:  Isabgol is the old age medicine used in Ayurveda for the constipation problems. It is a natural food that is cooling, soothing, prevents acidity, and prevents constipation. Psyllium plant is an annual herb that grows to the height of 12 to 18 inches. The seeds are enclosed in capsules that open up at the stage of maturity.

Health benefits of Isabgol: 

–          Isabgol has high fiber content which is soluble in nature. It helps to control the blood cholesterol level.

–          It increases the moisture content of the stool which eases the bowel mobility.

–          It gets you relief form problem associated with chronic constipation such as piles, fistulas etc.

–          It helps in losing weight faster as per dietician as it contains high fiber.





HONEY:  During ancient times, honey has always been a part of Ayurveda medicines. It is always recommended to take with some or the other things to kill the side effects of the particular medicine.

Health benefits of honey:

–          Due to high level of antioxidants, they rid our system of damaging free radicals that cause cell damage.

–          It has great antibacterial factors which if applied on wounds gives instant relief.

–          It is always recommended to take honey mixed with ginger for sour throat relief.

–          Honey is also very healthy for skin. It is an excellent scrub.



Health is one thing you should never compromise with. You can find all these natural and pure stuff at