How to take care of your Bed Linen

The designing of a bed these days has many choices such as Bed linen, duvet sets and Comforters which will enhance any house decor. Image There are many different types of collections used to recognize certain items of bed sheets. Understanding the appropriate conditions will help you store and get the right product for your bed. We depend on bed linens at the end of every day to make us experience comfortable and encouraged, and we’ll invest at least 1/3 of our lifestyles in it. Appropriate bed linens care is the key to making this important home convenience last for a long interval. With appropriate care, bed sheets can last for years and give good service. Image Most linen is made of cotton and cotton can be damaged if exposed to extra chemicals. Washing precautions If you overload your machine, your linen doesn’t get enough space to rotate properly and which may leave wrinkles on your new linen. Clean the linens in cold water. No need for hot water. Set wash pattern on “gentle.” The linens aren’t really unclean. Use the extra wash pattern if available in order to eliminate any soap remains. Use less soap than regular. In fact, you need only about one 50 percent the amount suggested by the soap brand. Avoid using bleach since it smashes down material fibers. Image Drying Precautions The best way to dry you bed linens and pillowcases is hold them out in the sun. The sun will act as a organic anti-bacterial and whitening broker. Anyway, the best way to dry linens is to hold them. If there really is not possible to hold them to dry, crash dry them with a bit of material conditioner. You can even hand your bed linen on the shower curtain rod if you want to take extra care of your bed linen. Image Image Image Always suggested to keep an extra pair of bed linen Keep additional bed linens and instances on side to prevent over straining them. The suggested variety of places for any one bed should be three, offering enough space for spinning to provide each set a crack. Image Storage Precautions Avoid saving bed linens on top of timber made areas that are not completed as the resins from the timber can dirt linens, and never store it in a nasty bag. It’ll turn into an atmosphere for viruses before you know it, so a specialized storage bag should be part of every bed linens selection.You can use extra spare pillow covers and store the sheet set in the pillow cover to keep them safe. 🙂 .. Image Use Mattress Pad Use a bed mattress pad between beds and linens to boost the lifestyle of both. Image And make your bed linen breathe longer by keep in mind these precautions.Log on to to find the best bed linens to decorate your home.


How to get Rid of Acidity problem

I have been surrounded with so many people who face this problem and I am the sufferer too in some ways 😉 ;).

I seriously wanted to suggest them how to get rid of this problem. But then I thought to myself what actually the solution to this problem is.

I came home and started to Google about it. You know Google is the world in itself. And here I came across few very simple tips which can help you so easily to get rid of this problem.

Level of acidity is one of the most typical problems experienced by most of us around, but is also one of the easiest to cure! Acidity that is created in our abdomen helps in absorbing the meals we eat, but when there is not enough meals to process, or if this acid is created more than the required amount, it results in acidity pains.


The most common causes of level of acidity are:

  • Having outside meals
  • Infrequent foods – creating a gap in between 2 meals is the most common cause that people face in today’s world that leads to acidity problem. Busy world doesn’t permit many of us to take our meal on time.
  • Having too much of delicious Spicy meals
  • Stress- Too much of work pressure or family pressure over some time can lead to the body systems responding adversely and unwanted amount of acidity being created.


Now wondering how this problem can be cured.

Exercise /Increase in Physical Activity : Do appropriate work out and make it a addiction to do it every day ideally the same time. We all are into workplace tasks and our whole body hardly goes, this is one of the reasons behind these types of illnesses.


Eat Organic FoodOrganic Food promotes healthy intestinal tract. Your intestinal tract, a key player in immune health, takes up essential vitamins and minerals and kicks out waste materials and toxins. Many American diets contain variety of non-organic, chemically-filled meals, which may harm the digestive system. Consuming organic meals can reduce your intake of bug sprays and other dangerous substances to help prevent gas.


Avoid Oily food : Avoid pickles, sodium, oil, curd, fried foodstuffs, and alcohol. Include Fruits, salads and more of green leafy vegetables in your diet.



Apple Cider Vinegar : For a relief try 2 table spoons of vinegar in a full cup of cold water and consume it and every morning before eating anything consume one cup of hot the water. Never consume the vinegar without dilution as it can be strong and can damage digestive system in focused form so dilution is important.


Aloe Vera Juice : Aloe Vera is a natural herb that provides a large number of benefits and it also one of the effective natural home solutions for level of acidity. You can gather aloe Vera juice by getting aloe Vera foliage. Mix it with water and make juice.


Try taking boiled Food items:


Milk : Dairy products are the best level of acidity reliever as it absolutely neutralizes the acid impact of the meals thereby providing comfort to the whole body. But again you need to judge yourself how it is impacting your body levels. Some feel very good while others don’t find it so relevant. It depends on the body type.


No to Irregular Meals : You should take all your meals on best time, don’t keep yourself at the stage of starvation for long. Never miss any or sit starving for a long period.

Drugs can be only short-term remedy and obsessive so try to have all organic remedy to your problem by knowing how your body responds to certain foodstuffs rather than medicines.

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HAPPY LIVING – Ways to overcome depression!!

I am going through major hardships of life. I have been a very practical person and always believed in planning (I am a management student by qualification and planning is in my blood at every stage of life) .But what the time brings to you nobody knows and I never got time to plan for what I got into and without even realizing anything I came to stage where depression cheeped inside.

Depression symptoms pipes your energy, wish, and productivity, developing it complicated to do what you need to encounter better. But while overcoming, depressive conditions are not quick or easy, it’s far from complicated. You cannot beat it through real dedication, but you do have some control even if your depressive conditions are serious and stubbornly serious. The key is to start little and create from there. Feeling better needs time, but you can get there if you have excellent choices for yourself each day.

The key to depressive disorders restoration is to begin with a few little objectives and gradually develop from there. You may not have much power, but you probably have enough to take a brief stroll around the prevent or choose up the cell phone to contact a beloved.

 1. Close your eyes and ask yourself – what is it that use to make me laugh?

Do what you enjoy doing. For me friends are most important part of my life. Though at severe stages of depression I never liked going out anywhere. But make yourself aware that you deserve a better life. Call out and JUST GO. Read somewhere – “finding friends with the same mental disorder as you is priceless “. Do crazy things and just let you go.


2.     Join a gym and go running

When you’re frustrated, exercising may be the last thing you feel like doing. But work out is a powerful tool for working with depressive disorders. In fact, research has shown that training can be as effective as antidepressant drugs at increasing energy and reducing feelings of exhaustion.

Scientists have not realized out exactly why work out is such a effective antidepressant, but proof indicates that training activates new cell growth in the mind, improves mood-enhancing chemicals and hormones, decreases stress, and decreases muscle tension—all things that can have a positive effect on depressive disorders.



3.     Eat Healthy

Serotonin is a mind substance considered to advertise peacefulness and convenience depressive disorders. Foods themselves don’t contain but what you eat may be able to tip the stability in favor of improved serotonin manufacturing in the mind.

Carbohydrate rich diet helps – pasta, wheat bread/multi grain, high fiber cereals, fruits etc.

• Brazil nuts – very loaded with selenium, which research has shown may help prevent low feelings.

  • • Peas – excellent source of supplement B1 required for healthier nerves.
  • • Chocolates – the experience much better factor comes from the flavor, aroma and the way it melts in your mouth. Candy with a higher cocoa solid content – greater than 60 per cent – also contains a experience much better chemical called phenylethylamine.


  • • Chilies – help promote the release of pleasure-boosting endorphins in the mind.
  • • Oats – loaded with carbohydrate food to boost blood sugar levels and fortified with B1 vitamins for a proper and balanced neurological program.
  • • Bananas – supply mood-boosting carbohydrate food and supplement B6.

4.     Law of Attraction – Secret

Depressive disorders places a bad rotate on everything, such as the way you see yourself, the situations you experience, and your objectives for the future. But you cannot break out of this negative mind structure by “just considering positive.” Happy ideas or unrealistic will not cut it. Rather, the key is to substitute pessimism with more balanced ideas.

I wonder who have not read the novel “secret”.  Attract positive energy and let go of all the negative energies. Start thinking positive no matter how impossible it may seem. Attract all the positive energies to you and it will start working. The impossible will become possible.


If you find your depressive disorders getting more intense and more intense, seek expert help. Requiring additional help does not mean you are poor. Sometimes the negative thinking in depressive disorders can cause you to experience like you are a lost cause, but depressive disorders can be treated and you can experience better!

Don’t forget about these self-help guidelines, though. Even if you are receiving expert help, these guidelines can be part of your course of action, boosting your restoration and avoiding depressive disorders from coming back.

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Food for your health – Herbs and its uses

I recently met a dietitian who asked me to include some healthy stuff in my diet on a regular basis. Though no one diagnosed any medical problem but as per them if you want to stay fit and healthy, you need to include these things in your daily diet. I think taking 2 spoon of Amla juice in the morning doesn’t take too long time to give to your health. Rightly said “Health is Wealth”. These days with the growing economy, you don’t need to buy amla and get the juice but you get the juice available at the store. There are few things which as per my research I found should be included in the daily diet.

ALOEVERA: Aloevera plant is a non toxin, succulent plant that stores water in its leaves which makes it possible to survive long without water and in deserts as well. Aloe Vera has been proved to be the beauty secret for most of the movies stars. This plant is considered to be the best solution for most of the health benefit. Aloevera is used as an ointment, medicine and many more other purpose. Various products are available in the market like aloevera juice, aloevera gel etc.

Benefits of aloevera juice:

–          Amino acid present in aloevera plant helps one to replenish the body.

–          It helps in proper digestion and treat problems like stomach ache and heart burns.

–          Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E, Floic acid present in aleovera enhances body defense system.

–          It enhances and supports the immune system.

Benefits of Aloevera Gel:

–          Healthy hair is one of the biggest benefit from aloevera gel.It is generally used to treat dandruff problem.

–          Anti inflammatory properties present in aloevera helps treat acne problem and various skin disorders. Aloevera gel and various moisturizers are available to be applied to treat acne and skin problems.

–          Aleovera gel helps curing blisters, insect bites or any other allergic reactions.



AMLA: With winters comes the Indian gooseberry known as Amla. Though you may not like the taste but don’t rush towards your decision as this little fruit is a big source of Vitamin C.

Health benefits of Amla:

–          For people suffering from the deficiency of Vitamin C, Amla prove to be a solution.

–          Amla being high in fiber help those who are being troubled with constipation.

–          Amla contains antioxidants which helps prevent Cancer.

–          Anti inflammatory properties present in amla helps to get relief from joint pains.

–          Are you suffering from sleep disorder? Take 2 spoons of Amla juice before going to bed. 




ISABGOL:  Isabgol is the old age medicine used in Ayurveda for the constipation problems. It is a natural food that is cooling, soothing, prevents acidity, and prevents constipation. Psyllium plant is an annual herb that grows to the height of 12 to 18 inches. The seeds are enclosed in capsules that open up at the stage of maturity.

Health benefits of Isabgol: 

–          Isabgol has high fiber content which is soluble in nature. It helps to control the blood cholesterol level.

–          It increases the moisture content of the stool which eases the bowel mobility.

–          It gets you relief form problem associated with chronic constipation such as piles, fistulas etc.

–          It helps in losing weight faster as per dietician as it contains high fiber.





HONEY:  During ancient times, honey has always been a part of Ayurveda medicines. It is always recommended to take with some or the other things to kill the side effects of the particular medicine.

Health benefits of honey:

–          Due to high level of antioxidants, they rid our system of damaging free radicals that cause cell damage.

–          It has great antibacterial factors which if applied on wounds gives instant relief.

–          It is always recommended to take honey mixed with ginger for sour throat relief.

–          Honey is also very healthy for skin. It is an excellent scrub.



Health is one thing you should never compromise with. You can find all these natural and pure stuff at

Indian Culture Maintained During Modern World

Namaste!! Enter India and the first word you are going to hear with folded hands. It is a form of greeting the other person and welcoming them to your home or your country.



Culture refers to the practice and belief that goes hand in hand with the life of people and these practices are maintained even though the time changes. India is a very good example of maintaining its ancient culture.


In today’s world going modern doesn’t mean forgetting your culture. There are different ways to show your love towards your country by following its culture in different ways. I see many people from UK/USA wondering how Indian culture managed to survive through so many years. I wonder the reason it has been surviving is because it has never been rigid. If you don’t wear a saree or a kurta pajama, that doesn’t mean you are not adapting an Indian culture.You prefer different aspects of it.

I have seen people living in USA or UK and preferring Indian home décor for their home, which is as per them showing their affection towards their country. They buy different products online from Indian stores and make Indian culture aware to many people from different culture.



I see people across the globe visiting museums and buying Indian sculptures which speaks about the ancient India. I see them visiting handicraft store and going for more traditional look.


I see Americans, Mexicans applying bindi on their forehead. Why is Indian culture so fascinating for them?Why do non Indians get attracted so much towards the Indian culture and wish to adapt it? The simple reason may be because of the synchronization. Synchronization with the nature, with the history.

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