Tips for Bringing positive vibes in your home


I love home décor and there never goes a day where I am not planning for a change in my home.

I should change this curtain. Why not change the wash basin tap. From bedroom to bathroom I need regular changes.

I recently replaced lcd to Led, Changed my living room color from peach to taupe ( I just wanted a lighter shade) , got new curtains for the living room , bought new plants for myself etc etc. I need to buy whatever gives me a refreshing mood . Yes I plan according to my budget . I bought plants for $50 and not $200 which I so wanted to . Maybe later on J.

Shopping online is all I do apart from work. Getting knowledge about various things.

I would like to share the positive things I recently discovered which can bring up your mood J.

  1. Color psychology –  To improve health and power, start by paintings your areas. “Choose a shade that’s warm yet still reveals mild – sleek yellow-colored, sleek fresh green – shades that give a feeling of the sun and features.”Green makes all shades pop, plus it’s about life, power, growth and vibrations.” 

If you can’t handle bright shade, use brilliant accessories—accent pillows, flowers, lighting in dark corners—to ignite impressive power changes in your home. “It’s the most practical and most cost-effective way to do it.



  1. Remove clutter – Edit what no longer is needed. Keep the house clean and open as much as possible. Liberating up mess makes way for good power to circulation within the house.  The key is to get rid of factors that are not supposed to be since they signify flat power which can become adverse and think about you down at house.



  1. Bring in Natural Light – Appropriate illumination and air quality can also impact the power in your home. Be sure to start your shutters to consist of as much daylight as possible in each area. Night decelerates oscillations within an area and even causes emotions of depressive disorders. If organic illumination is a task try looking for some “natural light” or “full spectrum” lighting.



  1. Placement of Furniture – Choosing furnishings can also impact the power in your house. To keep it beneficial, select products that you really like. If purchasing classic or second side, be sure to energetically detoxify your products.Keep your belongings in the sunshine for a few times if possible. Even if products are new, consider doing this to set the objective of beneficial power for you and your house.Item positioning is also important aspect in gaining beneficial power. Try to prevent mess and overcrowding furnishings. They need some space so energy can circulate. Also be careful of the shades you select for furnishings.  And the image shows how a small space takes all the things in with so much of space. A television, dining , sofa, fireplace all in one and so spacious J


A lot more can be said about welcoming beneficial power into your house but these guidelines will help get you began.

Endeavor for a satisfied stability and have fun decorating! Log on to to have a look for some lovely home décor products.