Tips for Bringing positive vibes in your home


I love home décor and there never goes a day where I am not planning for a change in my home.

I should change this curtain. Why not change the wash basin tap. From bedroom to bathroom I need regular changes.

I recently replaced lcd to Led, Changed my living room color from peach to taupe ( I just wanted a lighter shade) , got new curtains for the living room , bought new plants for myself etc etc. I need to buy whatever gives me a refreshing mood . Yes I plan according to my budget . I bought plants for $50 and not $200 which I so wanted to . Maybe later on J.

Shopping online is all I do apart from work. Getting knowledge about various things.

I would like to share the positive things I recently discovered which can bring up your mood J.

  1. Color psychology –  To improve health and power, start by paintings your areas. “Choose a shade that’s warm yet still reveals mild – sleek yellow-colored, sleek fresh green – shades that give a feeling of the sun and features.”Green makes all shades pop, plus it’s about life, power, growth and vibrations.” 

If you can’t handle bright shade, use brilliant accessories—accent pillows, flowers, lighting in dark corners—to ignite impressive power changes in your home. “It’s the most practical and most cost-effective way to do it.



  1. Remove clutter – Edit what no longer is needed. Keep the house clean and open as much as possible. Liberating up mess makes way for good power to circulation within the house.  The key is to get rid of factors that are not supposed to be since they signify flat power which can become adverse and think about you down at house.



  1. Bring in Natural Light – Appropriate illumination and air quality can also impact the power in your home. Be sure to start your shutters to consist of as much daylight as possible in each area. Night decelerates oscillations within an area and even causes emotions of depressive disorders. If organic illumination is a task try looking for some “natural light” or “full spectrum” lighting.



  1. Placement of Furniture – Choosing furnishings can also impact the power in your house. To keep it beneficial, select products that you really like. If purchasing classic or second side, be sure to energetically detoxify your products.Keep your belongings in the sunshine for a few times if possible. Even if products are new, consider doing this to set the objective of beneficial power for you and your house.Item positioning is also important aspect in gaining beneficial power. Try to prevent mess and overcrowding furnishings. They need some space so energy can circulate. Also be careful of the shades you select for furnishings.  And the image shows how a small space takes all the things in with so much of space. A television, dining , sofa, fireplace all in one and so spacious J


A lot more can be said about welcoming beneficial power into your house but these guidelines will help get you began.

Endeavor for a satisfied stability and have fun decorating! Log on to to have a look for some lovely home décor products.


HAPPY LIVING – Ways to overcome depression!!

I am going through major hardships of life. I have been a very practical person and always believed in planning (I am a management student by qualification and planning is in my blood at every stage of life) .But what the time brings to you nobody knows and I never got time to plan for what I got into and without even realizing anything I came to stage where depression cheeped inside.

Depression symptoms pipes your energy, wish, and productivity, developing it complicated to do what you need to encounter better. But while overcoming, depressive conditions are not quick or easy, it’s far from complicated. You cannot beat it through real dedication, but you do have some control even if your depressive conditions are serious and stubbornly serious. The key is to start little and create from there. Feeling better needs time, but you can get there if you have excellent choices for yourself each day.

The key to depressive disorders restoration is to begin with a few little objectives and gradually develop from there. You may not have much power, but you probably have enough to take a brief stroll around the prevent or choose up the cell phone to contact a beloved.

 1. Close your eyes and ask yourself – what is it that use to make me laugh?

Do what you enjoy doing. For me friends are most important part of my life. Though at severe stages of depression I never liked going out anywhere. But make yourself aware that you deserve a better life. Call out and JUST GO. Read somewhere – “finding friends with the same mental disorder as you is priceless “. Do crazy things and just let you go.


2.     Join a gym and go running

When you’re frustrated, exercising may be the last thing you feel like doing. But work out is a powerful tool for working with depressive disorders. In fact, research has shown that training can be as effective as antidepressant drugs at increasing energy and reducing feelings of exhaustion.

Scientists have not realized out exactly why work out is such a effective antidepressant, but proof indicates that training activates new cell growth in the mind, improves mood-enhancing chemicals and hormones, decreases stress, and decreases muscle tension—all things that can have a positive effect on depressive disorders.



3.     Eat Healthy

Serotonin is a mind substance considered to advertise peacefulness and convenience depressive disorders. Foods themselves don’t contain but what you eat may be able to tip the stability in favor of improved serotonin manufacturing in the mind.

Carbohydrate rich diet helps – pasta, wheat bread/multi grain, high fiber cereals, fruits etc.

• Brazil nuts – very loaded with selenium, which research has shown may help prevent low feelings.

  • • Peas – excellent source of supplement B1 required for healthier nerves.
  • • Chocolates – the experience much better factor comes from the flavor, aroma and the way it melts in your mouth. Candy with a higher cocoa solid content – greater than 60 per cent – also contains a experience much better chemical called phenylethylamine.


  • • Chilies – help promote the release of pleasure-boosting endorphins in the mind.
  • • Oats – loaded with carbohydrate food to boost blood sugar levels and fortified with B1 vitamins for a proper and balanced neurological program.
  • • Bananas – supply mood-boosting carbohydrate food and supplement B6.

4.     Law of Attraction – Secret

Depressive disorders places a bad rotate on everything, such as the way you see yourself, the situations you experience, and your objectives for the future. But you cannot break out of this negative mind structure by “just considering positive.” Happy ideas or unrealistic will not cut it. Rather, the key is to substitute pessimism with more balanced ideas.

I wonder who have not read the novel “secret”.  Attract positive energy and let go of all the negative energies. Start thinking positive no matter how impossible it may seem. Attract all the positive energies to you and it will start working. The impossible will become possible.


If you find your depressive disorders getting more intense and more intense, seek expert help. Requiring additional help does not mean you are poor. Sometimes the negative thinking in depressive disorders can cause you to experience like you are a lost cause, but depressive disorders can be treated and you can experience better!

Don’t forget about these self-help guidelines, though. Even if you are receiving expert help, these guidelines can be part of your course of action, boosting your restoration and avoiding depressive disorders from coming back.

Log on to you can find various other ways to cheer up.. Go shopping to cheer up , Buy jewelry , eat organic.

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